Here is a list of all of the cool stuff I am working on.

CRYOUT comic

A personal project I have been developing in my spare time over the last few years. CRYOUT consists of a collection of short stories and a main arc told primarily through comics.

CRYOUT: Alpha [Test Issue]
This short 22 paged comic started in February 2015 and was completed December 2015. It's primary purpose was to explore various visual techniques and attempt to write a short story. While I personally find the writing itself very rough, it was a great learning experience and an amazing challenge to over come (especially from an artistic perspective). Events that occur in the this comic will be nullified once the main arc is completed and published.


NOTE: As of this writing, the site is under construction, so some links might not work.

CRYOUT: [Main Arc]
I am currently writing the script for the first installment of this piece.